Jairo Varela

Jairo Varela

Web Developer

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About Me

Constantly evolving, language-agnostic software developer and promoter of open source initiatives and programming frameworks. Everything that has to do with technology arouses my interest.

Advanced knowledge of Linux and Windows OS, expertise in installation, maintenance, updating and resolution of errors, as well as programming languages ​​Javascript, PHP and Python, implementing the React library, web frameworks such as Django and Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress.

Multidisciplinary approach in the development of Front End, Back End, and DevOps.

Familiar with working with Agile and SCRUM methodologies.

Passionate about working with creative and innovative professionals for fast, efficient and scalable solutions.

Work Experience

Google Cloud Technical Support Engineer - Webhelp (December 2019 - current)

Google G Suite System Administrator/Support Engineer, specialized in email troubleshooting and Gmail as a product.

Teacher Associate - Ironhack (September 2019 - November 2019)

Assisting in Teaching a 9 week Full Stack Web Development bootcamp in ES6 Javascript, MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js (MERN Stack) at Ironhack Barcelona

Freelance Web Applications Developer - Full Stack Developer - Independent (2017 - Present)

Design, development, tests and implementation of custom web applications for a variety of individuals, startups and organizations, covering a wide range of tech solutions.

Web Developer - IT Manager - Limbicode Studio (2018 - 2019)

Implementation, configuration and extension of Wordpress (CMS / CRM) and adaptation of themes. Supervision of the design area, presentations and final proposals to clients.

Frontend Developer Internship - SAPUI5 - SofOS (2016 - 2017)

Completed an internship at SofOS, a SAP Gold Partner. Designed, developed, tested and implemented a planning application for the poultry industry, used for supervising food, sanitary and transport plans of live chickens in multiple warehouses connected by SAP/HANA technologies and libraries.

IT Technician & Project Manager - Flexiplast (2013 - 2016)

Provided multiple types of support in productive, administrative and IT operations. Also planned, managed, supervised and executed different improvement projects for the company, while reporting directly to senior staff.

Latest Projects

Galeria espacio5


Art Gallery

A minimalistic website for espacio 5 art gallery.

This was my first big project. espacio5 art gallery needed an online space to showcase their past, present and future exhibitions, while also being able to publish news, events and featured artists and their artwork.

The project was fullfilled in less a month, a few weeks earlier than the client anticipated!

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Wedding Glam Miami

Wedding Glam Miami

Professional Make-up Services

This project consisted in redisigning an existing Wordpress page and extending its WP theme capabilities. Rewrote most of the code to my needs, while mantaining constant communication with the client to attend to her design guidelines. In the end, everything worked out, and Nathalia Benitez was more than happy with her new website, which definitely represented more her bussiness, taste and style.

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Proyecta Design

Proyecta Design

Architecture Firm

Small Wordpress Project developed for architect José Tovar. Includes multiple projects, galleries, blueprints and information about the firm and its team, wrapped in with a simple but stylish design.

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Proffesional Consulting Services for Management and Logistics

Redesigned and developed the company's website. Added products page, details and rewrote the code so it could be easily mantained in the future. Learned a lot of PHP Hypertext Procesor (PHP) language in the process, while delivering a final result that left the customer absolutely satisfied.

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Valentina Varela

Valentina Varela

Professional Chef

Curriculum Vitae website made with for my sister Valentina as a small gift for completing her career studies. Used Paper Kit by Creative Tim.

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Other Projects

Flexiapp Open Source

Merchandising and Sales Application made using the Django Python framework.

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Institutional Website for U.E. Guzmán Blanco Open Source

Comunity Service Project, photos, contact page and location for public elementary school Guzmán Blanco.

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